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Every two years, we invite you to explore a theme related to the museum's collection and the Guerlédan dam. The photographs are visible outside, a 4 km flat circuit, alongside the canal.

Occasionally, we host exhibitions from our partners in situ.



Exhibition Concrete - Another look at local heritage

Jun 5, 2019 to Oct 30, 2020


Concrete, a material used since antiquity. Often associated with cheap construction, it has nevertheless been the subject of much research since the 19th century and it’s actually quite difficult to do safely and well. Formed or reinforced, structural or decorative; concrete adapts to all constraints.

It has become the favourite material of some great architects: Hennebique, Perret, Le Corbusier, Niemeyer or more recently Ricciotti.

Architects that figure in the territory of Pontivy Communauté are Ramonatxo, Roynard ...

Come and discover part of our history and keep your eyes open, concrete is everywhere!


Due to numerous degradations of the photographs during the summer of 2019, the exhibition will not be visible outdoors in 2020. We apologize for this.




Marine Bourgault – Photographer

Mélissa Herbst - Photographer

Michel Langle - Photographer

Daniel Tostivint - Visual artist

The municipal archives of Pontivy

The CAUE of Morbihan

The Lafarge group




We would like to thank all the people who contributed to the creation of this exhibition and more particularly Ms. Statius-Muller from CAUE 56 for her scientific and historical support. We would also like to thank Pontivy Communauté and the companies EDF and Décor à Bord for their technical support.


A big thank you to the program "Archi à l'Ouest", broadcast on Tébéo for its topic on concrete. To see here.


Exhibition curator

Astrid Cailleteau - Electrothèque du lac de Guerlédan

Past exhibitions

Jul-Sep 2019


Discover all the Breton renewable marine energies, supported by the commitment of the Brittany Region in favour of the energy transition.

See the future installations devoted to marine energies: the pilot farm project of floating offshore wind turbines between Groix and Belle-Île, the port terminal of Brest devoted to marine energies under construction, the future field of wind turbines installed in the bay of Saint-Brieuc, the tidal turbines off Ouessant.



Region Bretagne



We would like to thank the Brittany Region for asking us to host a rich and fascinating exhibition this summer.


Exhibition curator

Region Bretagne




Theme: The great dams of the world - 100 years of technical prowess in the service of the electricity fairy


Dams, monumental architectures that have always fascinated people.


The 23 photographs in the exhibition offered a real world tour of these titanic constructions but also of their specificities: concrete or embankment dams, of the weight or vault type, in the mountains or on the plains ...


The architecture was also a pretext to address more technical questions such as the type of turbines (Francis or Pelton), the installed power, the annual production and to remind us that hydropower is the first source of renewable energy in France and in the rest of the world.


Électrothèque du lac de Guerlédan

Musée de l'Électricité


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